TCMH Volunteer Chaplains & the TCMH Chapel

IMG_9105The TCMH Volunteer Chaplains are area congregational and spiritual leaders that donate their time and are committed to regularly providing spiritual care to patients and their families. The chaplains are not on site at TCMH all the time, but any time you would like a visit from a chaplain, simply ask your nurse, aide or any TCMH staff member for a chaplain visit.  A chaplain will be contacted and will visit you as soon as possible.

TCMH Volunteer Chaplains are available to anyone.  The chaplains make routine rounds at the hospital to offer visits to patients.  The chaplains are also on call for emergency, urgent, and non-urgent visits.


When is it Time to Ask a TCMH Volunteer Chaplain for Help?

  • When you need someone caring, compassionate, and kind to talk with
  • When you have questions or fears regarding disability, loss, or end of life
  • When you are finding it difficult to cope with your diagnosis and/or related issues
  • When you are feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, fear, anger, guilt, grief, or any other form of spiritual or emotional distress
  • When you have spiritual questions, or need a spiritual perspective regarding your condition, prognosis, or a decision that must be made
  • When you are struggling to maintain a healthy sense of purpose, meaning, hope, or peace


IMG_9104The Chapel is Open to Everyone

TCMH has a chapel that is open 24/7 for all hospital patients, visitors and staff.  The chapel is located on the Med Surg 2nd Floor, beside the waiting area and the elevator and stairwell.

The chapel offers a perfect space for prayer, meditation or quiet time.

An ecumenical service is offered each Sunday morning at 8:15 in the Chapel.  The service is led by a Volunteer Chaplain.

  • A brief time of spiritual encouragement, prayer and devotion.
  • Open to all patients, visitors and hospital staff.
  • Hospital gowns, wheelchairs, walkers, oxygen tanks, IV poles and other assistive devices are welcome.
  • If you wish to attend the service, please tell your nurse or aide. Assistance is available for anyone that wants to attend.
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