Comfort Care Booklets Available to Area Residents

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Texas County Memorial Hospital Hospice of Care has a new booklet—Considering Comfort Care, A Guide for Families—available to area residents.

“This easy-to-read guide is a good way to learn about comfort care,” Courtney Owens, TCMH Hospice of Care director, said.  “It can be helpful to you or to a family member, and it’s something you may want to discuss with your healthcare provider, too.”

Hospice of Care purchased the booklets with funds from a grant from Hospice Foundation of the Ozarks.  The booklet is written by G. Leigh Wilkerson, an experienced critical care and hospice nurse.

“Comfort care is another option for medical treatment, and many times patients and their family members do not understand comfort care,” Owens said, noting that the book explains comfort care and why and when a patient or a patient’s family member might choose comfort care.

The booklet features frequently asked questions and lists online resources and other books regarding comfort care.

The booklets are available at no charge through the TCMH Hospice of Care office located behind the hospital at the TCMH Office Annex.  You can also request a booklet by contacting the Hospice of Care office at (417) 967-1279 or

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