Managed Medicaid Contracts in Place at TCMH for Area Patients

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Texas County Memorial Hospital and TCMH clinics located in Licking, Houston, Cabool and Mountain Grove have contracted with Home State Health Plans.

Home State Health Plans is a Managed Medicaid program to assist pregnant women and children covered under Childen’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).  As of May 1, all Medicaid recipients in the CHIP program were assigned to a healthcare provider and received new cards listing the new Primary Care Provider (PCP).

According to Home State Health, patients aren’t locked into the PCP listed on the card.  Patients are allowed to see any provider that is contracted with Home State Health Plans, which includes all of the TCMH healthcare providers.

Patients are allowed to change their Managed Medicaid plan to utilize a TCMH provider if they are not already in a Home State Health plan.  Patients must make the change to Home State within 90 days by calling 1-800-348-6627.

Those who are aged, blind or disabled, including those with developmental disabilities served through the Missouri Department of Mental Health, are not included in the managed care system and will continue to receive services through the traditional MO HealthNet program administered by the state of Missouri.

TCMH Home Health of the Ozarks is contracted with Home State Health Plans and with MO Care for their patients that are included in the new managed care services.

For additional information about Medicaid services and healthcare providers at TCMH, contact Anita Kuhn, TCMH controller, (417) 967-1277

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