The TCMH Medivan is the non-emergency transportation service of the hospital.  Two Medivans service the medical transportation needs of all portions of Texas County and some outlying areas.  Individuals of all ages who are unable to transport themselves because of income, age, disability or the inability to drive are able to contact the Medivan for a ride to a healthcare provider, to the hospital or to the pharmacy.  The Medivan is wheelchair accessible and child safety seat equipped.  The Medivan service is $5 per passenger for each one-way ride, within the city limits of Houston or outside the city limits a $1 per mile charge one way.  If someone has an appointment with a healthcare provider and a family member, care giver, or friend wants to travel with that person they may.  Fees are paid up front with cash.  There is no billing for Medivan use.  Medivan service is available Monday through Friday during regular business hours.  Depending upon the transportation needs of individuals, area healthcare providers have promised to work with their patients.  Individuals needing transportation can schedule a ride by calling (417) 260-2127.  Funding for the Medivan project was provided in part by the Missouri Foundation for Health.  The Missouri Foundation for Health is a philanthropic organization whose vision is to improve the health of the people in the communities it serves.


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