ServicesThe TCMH obstetrics department specializes in personal attention for each mother and child.

The TCMH OB department is where the latest in birthing concepts are applied in a homelike environment that provides quality care for the birth of the child to the care of each new mom and new dad.  The TCMH obstetrics team is committed to family-centered birthing and the promotion of gentleness and bonding during and after the birthing process.

With the TCMH obstetrics team taking care of you before, during, and after your pregnancy, there is no need to drive a long distance to a doctor’s appointment, to deliver, or to receive family care after the birth.

The obstetrics department at TCMH features labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum rooms.  The rooms equipped with all the medical equipment necessary to care for the mother and the baby.  Each room contains an adjustable birthing bed that the mother uses throughout her stay.

Our Personalized Care Features:

  • 24/7 On Call Physician, Anesthesia & Surgical Care
  • One-on-One Nursing Care & Labor Support
  • Personal, Private OB Department
  • Individualized Birth Plans are Welcomed


The TCMH obstetrics team believes the first hours and days a mother spends with her child allows bonding time and creates memories.  TCMH obstetrics rooms are equipped for “rooming in”—where the mother has the baby in the room with her throughout her stay—promoting bonding between the mother and the infant while receiving education and care by staff members specially trained in obstetrical care.

Our Private Rooms Feature:

  • An adjoining bath
  • A private phone
  • Cable TV
  • In-room controlled heat and air conditioning
  • A glider rocker & recliner
  • A vanity area


A comfortable waiting room is adjacent to the obstetrics department.

We recognize and publicly celebrate every birth at TCMH.  Each mother and a guest receive a special celebration dinner on the last day of their stay at TCMH.


The OB Nursing Staff at TCMH.

The OB Nursing Staff at TCMH.



Other Services Available:


Babyland Express is a special program TCMH has designed for the special moment of bringing a new child into the world.  Learn more about Babyland Express Short-Stay Program.

For more information about classes or to arrange a free tour of the TCMH Obstetrics Department, call (417) 967-1275.

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