Babyland Express Short-Stay Program

Babyland Express Short-Stay Program

The birth of a baby is a very precious and personal moment.  TCMH has designed a program that allows you to choose in advance the length of stay that fits your personal needs and desires regarding the birth of your baby.  Enrollment in this program assures the prospective parents a cost-effective means of handling their financial arrangements prior to the birth of their baby.

The Babyland Express program covers hospital-based charges and services including:

•Prenatal Classes
•Childbirth Preparation Classes
•Birthing Beds
•Routine Preparation Classes
•Staff trained and familiar with natural childbirth techniques
•LDRP rooms (allowing the new family to stay in one room through out their hospital stay)
•Standard laboratory tests for mom and baby
•Staff trained in breast feeding support
•Individual education regarding care of mother and baby after delivery

And adding that extra special touch for your extra special needs:
•A private celebration dinner for you and a guest before going home
•24-hour breast-feeding assistance by a Certified Breast Feeding Educator while in the hospital as well as after returning home.

Cost of Program

Three things are required to participate in the short-stay program at TCMH.

1.You must be pre-registered
2.You must have your physician’s approval
3.You must have your stay pre-paid prior to delivery

Plan I
For 24 hours or less (after delivery) – $1500

Plan II
For 25 to 48 hours – $2200

All prices quoted reflect hospital charges for natural delivery of a single infant only.  Anesthesia and physician charges are excluded from this program, as well as multiple births or cesarean delivery.  Should your birth plan unexpectedly change, the amount paid in advance would be a deposit toward your hospital account.  Parents should consult their physician concerning any additional charges that may be incurred.


TCMH’s OB department prides itself in providing the latest in birthing concepts to our rural community.  Our nurses and providers are trained in natural childbirth techniques as well as certified in emergency care of the newborn.

We are a team committed to family-centered childbirth, encouraging gentleness and bonding during and after the birthing experience.  We pride ourselves on promoting a baby friendly environment.

Our staff is committed to the family during their hospital stay, taking special care of mom and dad while they are here.  We encourage parents to share with us any special plans they have for their birth, because we are dedicated to making this a personal and fulfilling experience for each family.

LDRP rooms offer a comfortable and homelike environment with a relaxing atmosphere.  Siblings and grandparents are included in joyous events as each family wishes.

For more information on our “Babyland Express” Short-Stay Program contact:

Texas County Memorial Hospital

1333 S. Sam Houston Blvd.

Houston MO  65483

Obstetric Department


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