Childbirth Education Classes

Childbirth Education Classes

There are many questions that arise as you get close to your due date.  Both men and women have negative thoughts and feelings about the impending birth experience.

The biggest obstacle that you may have is the fear of the unknown.  The more you know and understand about the process of labor, the better prepared you will be to choose the best options available to you.  TCMH offers a fun and educational four-week course covering everything you need to know about having your baby.

In the TCMH Childbirth Education classes, the expectant mother and her partner will cover the following:

  •          Tour of TCMH Obstetrics Department
  •          What can I expect during labor and delivery?
  •          What pain medication options do I have?
  •          What non-medication options do I have?
  •          What do I need to bring to the hospital?
  •          What is the role of the labor coach?
  •          How do I know when it’s time to go to the hospital?


Other topics covered include:

  •          Care for yourself after delivery
  •          Care for your baby
  •          Breastfeeding
  •          Bottlefeeding


Each class will include plenty of time to ask questions and to get to know the Obstetrics Department at TCMH.

Your healthcare provider or TCMH can assist you in where and how to enroll in these classes.  Your seventh or eighth month of pregnancy is the best time to take these classes so the information will be fresh for your birth experience.

Classes meet four times in one month from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on weeknights.  If you plan to deliver at TCMH, the classes are free.  If your delivery is planned at another hospital, a $25 fee covers the cost of materials.  All participants will receive an informative book and other information to use within the home.

To enroll now, call the TCMH Obstetrics Department at (417) 967-1275.

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