Social Services

Social Services

Social services serves as an unlimited resource to patients, coordinating multiple facets of care while the patient is hospitalized. Social services not only works on behalf of the patient while he or she is hospitalized, but social services also concentrates efforts to provide continuity of health care and a smooth transition for the patient when they leave the hospital.

Social services responsibilities include, but are not limited to home care arrangements, durable medical equipment provisions, long-term care arrangements, advanced healthcare directive information, financial resource information, and emotional support for patients and families. The social services department is the leader of the hospital-based interdisciplinary team that initiates a plan of care and discharge planning for patients.

The social services department at TCMH also acts as a liaison between the patient, hospital personnel, and community agencies and resources. In addition, social services are available by phone 24 hours a day for emergencies or other crisis situations needing social service assistance or intervention.

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