TCMH, CoxHealth Create Formal Affiliation

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In a move to enhance the services and care available to residents of the Texas County region, CoxHealth and Texas County Memorial Hospital have agreed to a formal affiliation. The agreement will allow the two organizations to collaborate clinically, and to partner in bringing new and improved services to the area.

“Texas County Memorial Hospital’s relationship with CoxHealth was forged many years ago, and the terms of our new agreement with Cox only strengthen the bond between both organizations,” said Wes Murray, Texas County Memorial Hospital CEO.

CoxHealth and TCMH have had an affiliation since 1999. In the past CoxHealth has provided some educational resources and access to family medicine residents to TCMH, the sole community provider for Texas County and parts of the surrounding counties. Many TCMH patients seek specialized healthcare through CoxHealth when it is not available at TCMH.

“We believe health care is best provided by local hospitals, with local governance, making decisions that are best for each individual community,” said Steve Edwards, CoxHealth president and CEO. “As the Springfield area’s only locally owned health system, we realize the value of partnering with like-minded organizations so that, working together, we can care for our neighbors across the Ozarks.”

The health care industry is in a period of dramatic change. Hospitals and health systems across the country have recognized the importance of forming closer alignments as a thoughtful action to ensure the best possible future for each organization, and each community, involved.

“The board and administration at CoxHealth have an understanding of the importance of reaching out to rural communities,” Murray said. “They know the vital healthcare role that TCMH plays in providing primary care to patients in the CoxHealth service area.”

The first project of this new affiliation will be an expansion of the TCMH surgery department and construction of a tornado safe room at the hospital.

“We’re committed to bringing the necessary resources to the table to help TCMH get this project off the ground.” said Edwards.

The new TCMH surgery department will double the size of two operating rooms, incorporate new technology, and add an outpatient surgery room and seven private pre- and post-surgery bays in 6,091 square feet. The 4,000 square foot FEMA-approved tornado safe room will function as day-to-day waiting space, and be capable of sheltering up to 462 patients, staff and community members during threatening weather. The storm shelter will be capable of sustaining 250 mile per hour winds for two hours.

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