TCMH Holds 35th Annual Employee Celebration

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Texas County Memorial Hospital gave out top employee awards and honored 42 employees with service awards at the Thirty-Fifth Annual Celebration of TCMH Employees on Friday at Faith Fellowship Church in Houston.  In attendance were approximately 100 employees, many with guests, for a total attendance of about 175 people.

Courtney Owens of Cabool is the 2017 Manager of the Year at Texas County Memorial Hospital. She’s shown here (center) with Doretta Todd-Willis, chief nursing officer; Wes Murray, chief executive officer, and Linda Pamperien, chief financial officer.

Courtney Owens of Cabool took top honors as manager of the year at TCMH for 2017.

Owens, an employee at TCMH since 2007, is a registered nurse and director of TCMH Home Health of the Ozarks and Hospice of Care.

“Courtney is amazing,” Doretta Todd-Willis, TCMH chief nursing officer, said.  She described Owens as “efficient, organized, dependable” and a nurse that gives “excellent care” to her patients.

In 2017 Owens took on the director position at Home Health of the Ozarks in addition to the director position over Hospice of Care, which she had held for several years.

“It’s obvious that Courtney knows how to manage time,” Wes Murray, TCMH chief executive officer, said.  “She has taken on two departments and she’s getting all of the tasks completed for both departments.”

“Any task given to Courtney will be completed,” Todd-Willis agreed.  “Anything she does is done very well.”

Murray and Todd-Willis noted that Owens has the respect of the employees that report to her, the respect of her fellow nurse managers and the respect of the medical staff.

“We have a group of great managers at TCMH, and this year Courtney has exhibited the leadership qualities that meet our expectations her departments and the hospital,” Murray said.

Robert Derrick of Raymondville is the 2017 Employee of the Year at Texas County Memorial Hospital. He’s shown here (center) with Doretta Todd-Willis, chief nursing officer; Wes Murray, chief executive officer, and Linda Pamperien, chief financial officer.

Robert Derrick of Raymondville received the employee of the year award.

Employee of the year is limited to the individuals who have received the honor of employee of the month since the 2016 employee awards ceremony.  All employees are allowed to vote for employee of the year by choosing one employee of the month in a secret ballot vote.

Derrick is a floor maintenance tech in the housekeeping department at TCMH, and he has worked in the department since 2014.  Derrick works from the late afternoon until midnight daily at TCMH after he gets off work at the saw mill where he works daily.

“It says a lot for Robert’s character and work ethic to receive this award from his peers, because Robert doesn’t work during the same time frame as many of our employees,” Murray said.

Derrick is known for “constantly doing his job”.

“Robert is not a flashy guy, but when he’s working, he’s always active doing things for people,” Murray said.  “If you do your job and do it well and treat everyone with dignity, your peers will notice and recognize you like they have done for Robert with this award.”

The manager of the year and the employee of the year were honored with an engraved plaque, $500 cash, a pin and a day of paid time off.

The TCMH Customer Quality Team honored two employees that exemplified excellent customer service in the hospital organization in 2017.  Jonathon Gibby and Brandon Swindle, both aides in the TCMH dietary department, were chosen to receive the honor.

Gibby and Swindle were each awarded a plaque for their efforts and given a cash award.

The Customer Quality Team also recognized a hospital department with a “Customer Service Department of the Year” award.  TCMH Cardiopulmonary department received the award.

The cardiopulmonary department at TCMH encompasses inpatient care in all of the nursing departments and outpatient care that includes the TCMH Sleep Studies Laboratory and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Clinic.  The department has experienced growth in several areas in the past year and continued to provide excellent customer service to patients and other departments that rely on cardiopulmonary services.

The department will receive a special meal in their honor.

Murray and TCMH board members, Omanez Fockler and Janet Wiseman recognized employees with service awards.

Becky Scott was recognized for 40 years of service.

Doretta Todd-Willis was recognized for 30 years of service.

Karen Geer, Rachel Phillips and MeriBeth Tieden were recognized for 25 years of service.

Terry Bruno, FNP and Sandy Eaton were recognized for 20 years of service.

Recognized for 15 years of service were: Debbie Breckenridge; Elizabeth Curtis; Joleen Durham; Susan Flores; Joyce Hull; Wes Murray; Mary Roderick; Jeff Scott, and William Wright, MD.

Recognized for 10 years of service were: Whitney Christeson; Melanie Evans; Tina Flores; Kirby Holmes; Courtney Owens; John Sawyer; DJ Spantgos; Jim Spantgos, Marie Stark; Tracey Stewart and Andrea Turner.

Recognized for 5 years of service were:  Jonathan Beers, DO; Cheryl Brannum; Alison Clayton; April Crites; Tamma Floyd; Traci Goetz; Anne Kennedy; Shayleen McNutt; PJ Murray; Jordan Pounds; Evania Ryan; Courtney Sears; Elizabeth Shoults; Mike Taylor and Breonna Woodmansee.

In November Omanez Fockler, TCMH board of trustees member and former longtime TCMH employee, received a “Trustee of the Year” award from the Missouri Hospital Association at their annual convention held at Lake Ozark.  TCMH administration and employees also honored Fockler at the Celebration of Employees in recognition of her state award and her service to the hospital.

TCMH also gave out prizes to hospital employees that had volunteered at hospital events throughout the year.  Many moments from the past year at TCMH were also caught on camera and can be viewed here.

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